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Dr. Johanna Hällsten is a Senior Lecturer in Fine Art, and Course Leader for BA Fine Art at London Metropolitan University. She works primarily with text, sound and performance, where the work focuses on translation between different cultures, species, and forms, to address the interrelation between sounds and environments. Her work was recently performed at Nottingham Contemporary as part of InDialogue by Juxtavoices, and has been exhibited in e.g: Personal Structures, Venice Biennale, Translation Zone(s): Constellation Hong Kong, Sze Chi Ching Exhibition Gallery, ANTI festival, EV+A. She has published in e.g. The Front Edge of Environmental Aesthetics, Contemporary Aesthetics, Somatechnics, EUP journal, and in n.Paradoxa.




Flow (2019) seeks to explore how we communicate with others, both human and non-human through the use of voice (singular and as part of a group). This is the second of two works that form part of a project called “Performing Hekla”, which seeks to understand how animals enter into a series of calls and movements that respond to the volcanic disruptions, creating in a series of dialogues. What is of interest is the act of translation and dialogues between the choral voices, animal sounds, and environmental sounds. The way the work is presented here for Artcore, draws attention to the animalistic qualities of the voice, pushing at the boundary of what it is to speak, to voice, to be heard.


The use of a choir, explores the dynamic of a shared voice whilst also being able to draw attention to the individual’s role in communicating as part of a symbiotic system. Thus, the piece explores how translation processes may act as a way to connect to and with others, both human and non-human, through voicing, utterance and movement.